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The Deep Cut- Pro Wrestling Sheet's Ryan Satin on Building His Site, Working for TMZ and Outrage Culture

On this episode of The Deep Cut, host John Rocha welcomes the CEO of the Pro Wrestling Sheet Ryan Satin to the show. The two men discuss how Ryan created the Pro Wrestling Sheet after his time at TMZ, what responsibility he feels for the outrage culture on social media nowadays, and what lessons he's learned from both experiences that he's trying to implement into his life today. Also, Ryan opens up about what obstacles he overcame to create the site, why he enjoys doing the RAW and Smackdown preview shows with Rocha, and what his ultimate goals are for the site now that Collider has purchased it and professional wrestling is becoming a bigger business worldwide again. Give this one a listen if you're looking for a little motivation in your life to create something against all odds or if you just enjoy some pro wrestling talk. It's an engaging, energetic, and fun interview with a journalist who is building his own legacy in the world of professional wrestling.

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