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The Deep Cut - Yuri Lowenthal Talks Spider-Man, Young Justice and How His Work Inspires His Activism

This week on The Deep Cut with John Rocha, Rocha welcomes Actor/Writer/Producer/Director and Activist Yuri Lowenthal to the show to discuss his life, his career and how his work inspires his activism in the world. Yuri talks about the process he went through after booking Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the recent PS4 game from Insomniac and what a thrill it was to walk back into a third season of Young Justice. These two friends also explore the productive positives of spa writers meetings in the nude, share stories about celebrity sightings, and why Yuri thinks his Geek & Sundry Orbital Redux show might be a trailblazer for TV show entertainment in the future. Yuri also explains what motivates him to get involved in causes to help military veterans and people suffering from natural disasters in the world and why he feels a deep need to do so. It's an open, honest, funny and vulnerable conversation between two friends that will leave you laughing, a little bit emotional and might inspire you to explore your world a little bit more. Let us know what you think in the Comments section.

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