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The Deep Cut - Skylanders Academy Showrunner Eric Rogers Talks the WGA vs ATA Battle and its Repercussions

On this episode of The Deep Cut, host John Rocha welcomes Executive Producer, showrunner, and Futurama Writer Eric Rogers to the show. The two men discuss the WGA vs ATA battle that is being waged right now in the industry. They get knee deep into the particulars of what sparked this war, what both sides are fighting for, and what new, unintended repercussions the actions from both sides have created. Rogers talks about his own experience as a union writer watching this struggle carry on over the last few months, what his thoughts are about his union and if the industry will ever go back to the way it was after this battle is resolved. This is an engaging, informative and poignant interview that will give you a window into what is happening behind the scenes with your favorite writers and your favorite shows. If you're an observer of the industry and if you're an up and coming writer with goals of working in this business, this one is a MUST listen.

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