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The Deep Cut - Skylanders Academy Showrunner Eric Rogers Talks the WGA vs ATA Battle and its Repercussions

On this episode of The Deep Cut, host John Rocha welcomes Executive Producer, showrunner, and Futurama Writer Eric Rogers to the show. The two men discuss the WGA vs ATA battle that is being waged right now in the industry. They get knee deep into the particulars of what sparked this war, what both sides are fighting for, and what new, unintended repercussions the actions from both sides have created. Rogers talks about his own experience as a union writer watching this struggle carry on over the last few months, what his thoughts are about his union and if the industry will ever go back to the way it was after this battle is resolved. This is an engaging, informative and poignant interview that will give you a window into what is happening behind the scenes with your favorite writers and your favorite shows. If you're an observer of the industry and if you're an up and coming writer with goals of working in this business, this one is a MUST listen.

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01:03:55 7/3/2019

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This week on The Deep Cut, John Rocha welcomes Academy Award nominated and Emmy Award winning directors Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert to discuss their latest documentary 'American Factory'. A Netflix Original Documentary presented by Higher Ground Productions and Participant Media. The acclaimed film takes a deep dive into a post-industrial Ohio, where a Chinese billionaire opens a new factory in the husk of an abandoned General Motors plant and hires two thousand blue-collar Americans still recovering from the effects of the 2008 recession. Steven and Julia discuss the story behind making this documentary, how they found themselves on the project, and the nearly unlimited access they had to both the American workers and executives and the Chinese workers and executives. They also discuss what their thoughts are on the state of the American factory worker and the state of the working class in general after shooting this documentary.For more on the movie click here: Rocha:

01:03:52 8/23/2019

Welcome to Episode 53 of #TheReillyRoundtable! This week, Reilly welcomes in a returning "favorite person" to the show - Dorina Arellano! That's right, Reilly and Dorina get together to discuss.... DEATH. The Big D, the thing we dread. We bring up our love of horror movies as to why we might be attracted to the idea of the great beyond, which leads to a deeper and more meaningful conversation on the struggles we as a human race experience daily - and ask that you be nice, cause we're all going to die one day. #TheReillyRoundtable is now on the Collider Conversations Podcastone Feed and drops every Thursday! 

01:01:04 8/22/2019

This week on The Deep Cut, John Rocha welcomes pundit and host Jason Inman to talk about his new book 'Super Soldiers: A Salute to the Comic Book Heroes and Villains'. Inman goes into detail about what inspired him to write the book, what that process was like and what he is hoping people take away from the book as fans of superheroes, supervillains or soldiers. Rocha and Jason also discuss what the connection is between the history of comic book and the proud tradition of serving in the military. They guys trade stories about their time serving in the with Inman opening up about some of his experiences overseas serving during the Iraq War. They also opine about the state of the superhero movie genre and its effect on the changing landscape of movie releases. It's a fun, informative and energetic conversation between two friends about superheroes, villains and soldiers.Order the book here: Rocha:
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01:01:27 8/16/2019

Welcome to Episode 52 of #TheReillyRoundtable! This week, Reilly welcomes in special guest Eric Bass from Shinedown! What a story - Eric contacted Reilly after he lost Kal and the two went back and forth on their love of dogs, writing and Star Wars. Now, with Eric in town filming his next music video from their latest album ATTENTION ATTENTION, Reilly welcomes him in to talk about his time in Shinedown. What it was like stepping out in front of a packed crowd for his first show? Plus personal stories of dealing with depression and anxiety, and how you quiet that voice in your head and face the monsters trying to stop you in creating art - whether it be writing lyrics, a movie or a new graphic novel. #TheReillyRoundtable is now on the Collider Conversations Podcastone Feed and drops every Thursday

01:19:44 8/15/2019

This week on The Deep Cut, host John Rocha sits down with Academy Award nominated director Andrea Berloff who is making her directorial debut with the upcoming crime drama The Kitchen. The film opens this weekend and stars Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish and Elisabeth Moss. Andrea talks about how she ended up on the project and how she went about casting these talented actresses on the film. She also opens up about her journey from a struggling actress who turned to writing for creative outlet and has been riding the waves of her success in that field ever since. It's an engaging and illuminating conversation with a powerful creative force in the business of Hollywood.

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00:59:40 8/9/2019

On this episode of The Deep Cut with John Rocha, Academy Award nominee and 5 time BAFTA nominee Lesley Manville stops by to talk about her acting career, working with Mike Leigh and Paul Thomas Anderson and gives us a preview of the third season of her sitcom Mum that was released last week on Britbox here in the US. Lesley opens up about her journey of self-discovery and independence. She gives us an inside look into her process, how she navigated the waters of a male dominated profession at a young age, discovered her voice as a performer, working with Mike Leigh and Paul Thomas Anderson and what she looks for now in a part that excites her as she enters her 5th decade as a successful, working actor. It's an illuminating, very fun and frank discussion with one of the most talented actresses working today. Don't miss this one, people!Catch up on her BAFTA nominated series 'Mum' on Britbox here: John Rocha:

01:00:12 8/2/2019

Welcome to Episode 51 of #TheReillyRoundtable. This week, Reilly welcomes in two of his dear friends Amy Claire and Shelby Stockton to the show! Amy and Shelby recount some of their stories doing stand up in Los Angeles while also promoting their new podcast Herstory - a podcast that brings you stories of badass women throughout history. #TheReillyRoundtable is now on the Collider Conversations Podcastone Feed and drops every Thursday!

00:54:06 8/1/2019
On this episode of The Deep Cut with John Rocha, Frank Grillo stops by to talk about his latest films Into the Ashes with Luke Grimes and Point Blank with Anthony Mackie and Marcia Gay Harden. Frank opens up about the prospects of Crossbones returning to the MCU onscreen or on any of the Marvel Disney+ shows. They also go over Grillo's career and touch on his acting work in films like The Grey, Warrior and The Purge franchise. Frank also talks about the work he is doing with Joe Carnahan under their production company Warparty and reveals what words of wisdom changed his career for the better. It's an illuminating, relaxed and open discussion with one of the toughest actors working today and one of the most reflective. Follow John Rocha: Follow Frank Grillo:
00:37:05 7/30/2019

This week on The Deep Cut, John Rocha welcomes Mike Wallace Is Here director Avi Belkin to talk about his new documentary profiling the life of Mike Wallace and his struggles with depression. The film is an incredible exploration of famed newsman Wallace who worked for over 6 decades in the news business and pioneered the "gotcha" journalism that we see permeating our airwaves today. Belkin and Rocha discuss how Belkin came to make the movie, what drew him to Mike Wallace, why he chose to construct the film the way he did, Wallace's most impactful moments as an interviewer and how the revelation of Wallace's struggles with depression changed his perception of him. It's an interesting, informative, and open discussion about one of the best new documentaries out there.

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00:58:45 7/26/2019

Welcome to episode 50 of #TheReillyRoundtable. This week, Reilly welcomes in Collider Heroes co-host Coy Jandreau to break down Comic Con 2019! They break down favorite moments, favorite panels, as well as looking to the fans and their reactions towards the content presented. They also take a dive into the divisiveness of fan entitlement towards our favorite movies we hold dear. #TheReillyRoundtable is now on the Collider Conversations Podcastone Feed and drops every Thursday!

01:10:28 7/25/2019

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