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The Deep Cut - Jason Inman Discusses His Superheroes, Villains and his New Book Super Soldiers

This week on The Deep Cut, John Rocha welcomes pundit and host Jason Inman to talk about his new book ?Super Soldiers: A Salute to the Comic Book Heroes and Villains?. Inman goes into detail about what inspired him to write the book, what that process was like and what he is hoping people take away from the book as fans of superheroes, supervillains or soldiers. Rocha and Jason also discuss what the connection is between the history of comic book and the proud tradition of serving in the military. They guys trade stories about their time serving in the with Inman opening up about some of his experiences overseas serving during the Iraq War. They also opine about the state of the superhero movie genre and its effect on the changing landscape of movie releases. It?s a fun, informative and energetic conversation between two friends about superheroes, villains and soldiers.Order the book here: Rocha:
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