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The Deep Cut - Himesh Patel Talks Yesterday, The Beatles, Working with Danny Boyle and Fighting Asian Stereotypes

On this episode of The Deep Cut, host John Rocha welcomes actor Himesh Patel, the star of Danny Boyle's new movie about a world without The Beatles, Yesterday. The two men discuss Patel's career, what the process was for getting cast in the film, what he learned about The Beatles during the process of making the movie, and what he took away from this experience with Danny Boyle. John and Himesh also discuss his groundbreaking work on Eastenders, his drive to create new and interesting characters devoid of Asian stereotypes, and what excites him about his upcoming projects, including The Aeronauts and The Luminaries. An especially fun, engaging, and poignant interview with a burgeoning star in the world of acting. Get to know Himesh Patel here and go see Yesterday in theaters now to watch his work in action!

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