SKOR North United

The Crafty Rogues: His last name is Everton. He'll finish seventh. (ep. 150)

The boys are back from a lively Brit's Pub this week as the boys discuss all the cups wrapping up and all the goals Minnesota United scored over the weekend. John Cosgrove and Stephen Quinn, the Crafty Rogues, opening up with some craic about where John has been over the past week before jumping into the 7-1 victory for Minnesota United. The boys then discuss the US beating England in the WWC, the US barely advancing in the Gold Cup, and the Copa America's final four teams. After that the boys answer all your letters before John gets something off his chest in the Just Be Cos. Producer Jonathan pops in for the Big Football Update. Quinno brings back the award winning segment 'What Do You Think of This?' and we close the show this week with an AFL and Cricket World Cup updates.

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