The Andy Slater Show

Slater is joined by Miami Hip Hop Legend Uncle Luke as they discuss the state of South Florida sports and do kids play baseball in Liberty City?

The Andy Slater Show
00:44:45 5/6/2019

Past Episodes

Andy talks the mess that is the Dolphins also some breaking NFL news. Marlins make some news and more
01:27:40 9/19/2019
Andy has made international news he made it big time but for what. Its throwback Thursday and Andy has Sid Rosenberg on the show.
01:30:27 9/18/2019
Andy goes in on the Dolphins taking and would of it been better if they were just honest about tanking. Antonio Brown rape case has a Florida Connection.
01:34:02 9/10/2019
Dolphins Week 1 game was epic in a bad way Andy has been saying it since before the pre-season they are tanking. South Florida teams all look bad this weekend. SId Rosenberg joins the show to breakdowns his thoughts on NFL Sunday.
01:31:47 9/8/2019
Andy explains why he starting his Hurricane breakdown with the Turnover Chain than breaks down the Canes vs Gators. Wait, what is a puppuccinos? What was up with the MLB uniforms this past weekend!
01:28:42 8/25/2019
Andy breaks down the Dolphins preseason game with Clay Ferraro also they discuss some Hurricanes and Gators. Lane Kiffen joins the show to talk FAU football and more.
01:29:06 8/22/2019
Are you ready for some football!!! Andy excited for the Dolphins preseason game and what could happen.
01:28:38 8/21/2019
Andy talks about the dolphins and whats funny in Miami with the soccer team. Let's talk about the Hurricanes and where they are at today. Wysocky Wednesday where you get to ask a cop any question.
01:27:50 8/20/2019
Andy is super excited about upcoming football what is going on with Josh Rosen? Andy breaks down his thoughts the Canes & Gators.
01:28:48 8/18/2019
Andy is concerned about Josh Rosen will he improve at all and the Dolphins o-line and d-line are bad. Andy excited to see what the Miami Hurricanes QB Jarren Williams will look like against the Dolphins.
01:28:16 8/15/2019

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