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The Air Force's new plan to dig out of a $33 billion facility maintenance backlog

Like the other military services, the Air Force has knowingly underfunded its facility maintenance accounts in recent years while its O&M budgets have been squeezed. But officials have come to the conclusion that they'll never reverse the trend of buildings steadily falling into disrepair without both more money and a new scheme to prioritize funds. Richard Hartley, the Air Force's principal deputy assistant secretary for installations, environment and energy talks with Federal News Network's Scott Maucione about the service's newly-released Infrastructure Investment Strategy. 

Later, The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency thinks social media platforms might be able to teach the R&D community a thing or two about how to quickly connect information from around the globe. DARPA's John Main talks with Jared Serbu about a new platform called Polyplexus. 

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