The First Degree

The Abduction of Katie Beers

A 10-year-old girl goes missing from an indoor amusement park in Smithtown, New York. The family friend caring for her calls the police and dozens of officers begin searching for little Katie Beers. In the first two weeks, they don't find her, but they do uncover stories of abuse amidst the disturbing cast of characters entrusted with her care. On episode 48, Jac, Alexis & Billy tell the tale of the race to find Katie, the chilling details of her captivity, and explore how the system left a little girl so vulnerable to a series of dangerous predators. Episode Research Sources & Credits: 'The Katie Beers Case; Mystery Surrounds Suspect and Underground Chamber', Ralph Blumenthal 'Girl, Missing for 16 Days, Is Found in Secret Room' by John T. McQuiston for The New York Times, Jan. 14, 1993. Newsday The New York Times

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