The Dr. Gundry Podcast

The #1 Killer - and they're treating it ALL wrong | Ep173

Jonny Bowden - aka "the nutrition myth buster" - and I reveal the TRUTH about cholesterol, expose the REAL villain when it comes to heart disease, and share what you can do TODAY to optimize your health and support a healthy heart. Full transcript and show notes: Thank you to our sponsors. Check them out: Visit and use the code GUNDRY $10 off your starter bundle. Go to and use GUNDRY20 for 20% OFF at checkout for your akkermansia probiotic. Go to to get 60 days of Scribd, the world's largest digital library, for free. Head to and use code GUNDRY for 15% off your blue-light blocking glasses order. Go to or at their Amazon store and use the promo code DRGUNDRY for 15% off your first order of popped sorghum. Get a quote today at and see why 4 out of 5 new auto customers recommend Progressive. For 15% OFF your MasterClass membership, go to Go to for a free month trial of the mindfulness app.

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