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Teresa Strasser and Dean Delray + News on Serial Killers and Mass Cow Slaughterings

Teresa Strasser and Dean Delray join Adam as Teresa brings up the time Adam abandoned her at a show with Danny Bonaduce. Dean gets into the health scare that led him to quit drinking diet soda and how he found it harder than quitting drugs. Dean talks about visiting the 'Brady Bunch' house with Bill Burr which leads to some "Hot Brady Talk". Teresa shares how she got chicken pox and fleas at the same time before Adam rants about food waste. Next, they take calls from someone who has Yaphet Kotto information and a carpenter who gets tested by Adam. Finally, Chris reports the news including: a woman hiring a hitman to kill the wife of someone she met on, rumors of a suspected serial killer in Portland, and Irish farmers revolting over a government proposal to slaughter thousands of cows. PLUGS: Read Teresa Strasser's 'Making It Home: Life Lessons from a Season of Little League' wherever you find books Visit and follow Teresa on Twitter, @TeresaStrasser See Dean Delray live: Santa Rosa, CA - Barrel Proof Lounge - Tomorrow Alameda, CA - Faction Brewing - Friday & Saturday Hershey, PA - Giant Center - June 22nd Listen to Dean Delray's 'Let There Be Talk' wherever you find podcasts And follow Dean Delray on Instagram @DeanDelRay THANKS FOR SUPPORTING TODAY'S SPONSORS:, let them know we sent you

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