Sit-In with Ally Hilfiger and Steve Hash

Ally and Steve chat with Tali Lennox - daughter of Annie Lennox - in her Los Angeles home about her transition from modeling to the world of fine art.

Sit-In with Ally Hilfiger and Steve Hash
00:48:00 3/14/2018

Past Episodes

Tierney Gearon is a photographer and close friend of Ally and Steve's. The three chat about what it means to be an artist and why Tierney doesn't like the label. Tierney talks about her process in creating one of her books: "TIERNEY GEARON: the Alphabet Book" and how tricky yet inspiring it is to work with her kids.
00:47:00 5/23/2018
Chris Hess and Adam Winn of the Los Angeles-based band SWIMM stop by Steve and Ally's studio in DTLA to chat about the fears of buying used air conditioners, drinking after strangers, dating apps and their upcoming debut full length album 'Sentimental Porno'.
00:55:00 5/16/2018
Ally and Steve chat with actor / musician / photographer Adam Goldberg in his brand new LA homestead about life, love, creativity, Febreze, babies, neuroticism, and Adam's upcoming album - Home, A Nice Place to Visit.
01:09:00 5/2/2018
Visiting Alex Prager, American photographer and filmmaker in her studio in Los Angeles was eye opening, inspiring and FUN. Alex's work is based on set scenes which she creates drawing from an array of references to provoke strong personal emotion. Ally and Steve got to sit in the costume archive surrounded by wigs during the interview. While learning more about how Alex works, we also learn about how one must overcome fear and boldly move forward.
00:53:00 4/25/2018
Maya Stewart is a handbag and accessories designer based out of LA. Born and raised in Oklahoma, a Native American of Chickasaw, Creek and Choctaw descent. Ally and Steve sat with Maya to learn more about her family's history, stories about how determination and a dream were the fuel to bringing her work to fruition and onto the runway. Maya's work is all hand crafted in Los Angeles, made from Italian leather, and inspired by her Native American heritage.
00:53:00 4/18/2018
Ally and Steve chat with their neighbors Katie White and Jules De Martino of The Ting Tings about the evolution of the band, their songwriting process and their upcoming album.
01:18:00 4/11/2018