Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley

The Todd Father

In this week's episode, Savannah Chrisley sits down with the one-and-only, Todd Chrisley, her Dad, friend and co-star of their hit reality show, Chrisley Knows Best. Todd talks about the trial, what this tumultuous period has been like for him, and how his and Julie's relationship with God (and each other) have been their foundation. The conversation touches on everything from Savannah's dating life to the expectations she has for herself and for her significant others. And don't be fooled... they say: The "perfect life" you see on Instagram is not reality. The duo dives into how social media can be dangerous when used to fill a void. Todd makes sure to emphasize how important it was for Savannah to find her "ride-or-dies" and the freedom those friends have given her to express her needs and be her most authentic self. As we know, the two are masters of compartmentalizing EVERYTHING and are notorious for "being happy on the outside but dying on the inside." The mood is lightened all throughout the episode by the epic banter that this father-daughter team is famous (or infamous) for. Also, Todd makes a very strong case for why Savannah is still single... also, is she?

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