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How leftover dinner and a self-packed lunch made other kids ask, "Who could have it better than him?"

00:00:55 1/12/2018

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Hear Marlon Wayans' passionate advice on getting into the entertainment industry and creating opportunities.
00:01:53 6/14/2018
Political Commentator Dave Rubin explains how his political shift has been received by his fellow LGBTQ community, including his view that once you have equality, you don't owe anyone.
00:02:08 6/14/2018
Tiffany Pollard reveals how she was first cast on TV, and ended up one of the original HBICs on Rock of Love and I Love NY. And no, she didn't know it was Flavor Flav!
00:01:18 6/14/2018
Rob teaches us how to handle hecklers in the audience!
00:01:54 6/1/2018
The ladies tell all the guys out there what NOT to do on your profile, and how women really see your photos, career listing, bio and more.
00:03:30 5/24/2018
Heather talks about her recent, very normal flight experience next to an inconsiderate passenger. Hear the sequence of drama.
00:02:05 5/15/2018
Spencer learns the hard way after being dissed by actor Owen Wilson - no more respectful asks to Snap celebrities, just take the Snap and go. Hear about the encounter, including illegal parking and why Wilson is now dead to Spencer Pratt.
00:01:51 5/14/2018
Shaq talks about how he changed the culture of the Miami Heat franchise, and his thoughts on Dwayne Wade.
00:00:52 5/14/2018
Dennis and Dana talk about how the Hans and Frans characters on SNL were born, stemming from the "poetry" of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
00:02:48 5/9/2018
PodcastOne host BJ Armstrong shares how teammate Michael Jordan handled losses, why he got so angry and his enlightening view on why they lost.
00:04:04 5/9/2018


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