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Super Bowl Recap with Jessimae Peluso + Erik Kramer on Bull in the Ring

Comedian Jessimae Peluso and Adam chat about telephone poles, toothpicks, and the dangers of cycling. Next, the group recaps the Super Bowl including the pregame and halftime musical performances. They also talk about some of the notable commercials and the interaction between Travis Kelce and Andy Reid. Next, Chris shares some news stories about a trans woman suing her ex for throwing away her testes and a yogurt company challenging customers with a digital detox. Lastly, ex-NFL quarterback Erik Kramer joins the show and reminisces with Adam about their pop warner days. They also chat about some of the bad snaps in the Super Bowl and recall football drills that wouldn't be allowed today. Erik also recalls some tragic NFL deaths and shares how he was reintroduced to Adam's career many years after they lost touch. For more with Jessimae Peluso: * PODCAST: 'Sharp Tongue' * LIVE DATES: ? Los Angeles, CA - Netflix Is A Joke Festival show at Bourbon Room - May 10th * * Follow on X: @JessimaePeluso For more with Erik Kramer: * Get his new book, "The Ultimate Comeback: Surviving a Suicide Attempt, Conquering Depression, and Living with a Purpose" Thank you for supporting our sponsors: * *, enter code: Adam * - code ACS to save 10% at checkout

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