Cheating: When Love Lies

Stuck Overseas With My Cheating Ex Husband + I Can't Go Home

You meet the man of your dreams and you fall madly in love. He's from another country, and his homeland is far from yours. One day he gets his dream job abroad and you agree to follow him to a foreign country, then back to his homeland to start a family. Years later the relationship starts to fall apart and he winds up having an affair. This is what happened to my guest whom we'll call Susan. When Susan decides she wants to leave her cheating husband, she soon finds out that the worst part about following him wasn't leaving her homeland, her parents or giving up her own career, but something far, far worse than she ever could have imagined. Joining Susan and me is Beth Miller, owner of Soulify Wellness. Beth's 12 week program teaches women how to transform themselves in order to transform their lives and relationships. Using Beth's Soulify Wellness method, Lee and many women explore memories and unprocessed emotions which are often the real reasons for the unhealthy patterns and communication issues in a marriage or partnership. Find Beth at: Share your own story at Follow, subscribe and share @cheatingwhenlovelies

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