The Steve Austin Show

Steve Austin, The Rock vs Mankind, & The POP Heard Round the World | SAS CLASSIC

Let's go back to 1999. It's The Rock vs Mankind for the World Championship. DX, Chyna, Ken Shamrock & The Corporation, and the bossman himself, Vince McMahon, are there too. Everything's on the line. It's a battle for the ages... and then the glass breaks! And here comes Stone Cold Steve Austin! You wanna know what it took to make that match, and that Stone Cold "pop" happen? Steve's doing the behind-the-scenes play-by-play on all the action - the bumps, the blind feeds, the rule manipulations, the finishes, and that illustrious "pop" heard 'round the world. Try Roman Swipes! Go to today ~ If approved, you'll get $10 OFF your first order! Presented by Geico!

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