Off Beat with Ricky Anderson and Mir Harris

Sorority Sisters | Dear White People Actress Ashley Blaine Featherson

Co host Mir Harris breaks out the wine in studio and cheers to actress Ashley Blaine Featherson on this episode of Off Beat with Ricky Anderson. The friends catch up on air and talk about greek life and Howard University, how women are stronger together, black story telling and living through change. Plus Ashley reveals (Mir correctly predicts and she confirms) that she is headed into movies. Ashley is best known as the co-creator and lead of Black & Sexy TV's Hello Cupid. She currently stars as Joelle in the Netflix series Dear White People. Off Beat is part of The Direct Message network and produced in partnership with PodcastOne, executive produced by Crystal Fambrini and John Ryan, Jr. (Co-Founders of The Direct Message). Follow us on instagram: @theoffbeatpod Please Support Our Sponsors:, Change Your Apartment, Change The World Download Pluto TV on all your favorite devices at

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