Afternoon Cyber Tea with Ann Johnson

Social Engineering: The Human Threat to Cybersecurity

Ann Johnson, Corporate Vice President for Cybersecurity Solutions at Microsoft, talks with infosec expert, white-hat hacker, and CEO of SocialProof Security Rachel Tobac about social engineering, the non-technical strategies cyberattackers use to manipulate targets through human interaction. Ann and Rachel delve into the neuroscience behind social engineering, the entry points social media offers, how fear and urgency factor in, and the similarities between improv and vishing. Listen to learn how savvy attackers exploit everyday human actions and reactions to gain access to funds, data or information - and how "real-world two-factor" and being "politely paranoid" can protect your organization, employees, and customers. - Ann Johnson's RSA 2020 keynote ("Why people are still your best cyber defense"): - SocialProof Security: - Rachel Tobac hacks a voting machine:

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