Cold Case Files

A six-year-old girl goes missing from her backyard. The only witness is a five-year-old, who says a strange man took the missing girl. Who was this man? And why was the girl taken?

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Cold Case Files
00:38:00 9/11/2018

Past Episodes

Two little girls go missing in Akron under the exact same circumstances. When their bodies are discovered, the families and investigators are desperate to stop the killer before he strikes again.

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00:39:00 2/19/2019
In a dark corner of Miami, several women are found murdered and their bodies burned. A mysterious footprint, a bottle of gasoline, and a Santeria priestess help lead detectives to the serial killer. Check out TrueCar to experience a better way to sell or trade-in your car!
00:30:00 2/12/2019
In 1997, a couple moves into a brand new home in rural Ontario. During renovations, they discover a buried clue that is the key to solving a brutal double murder. Get LIAR LIAR by James Patterson - available now in hardcover - ebook - and audiobook everywhere books are sold!
00:29:00 2/5/2019
When a 19-year-old girl goes missing, her family suspects the mafia is involved...but it will take another 16 years for her body to surface and nearly 20 years to bring the killers to justice. Get LIAR LIAR by James Patterson - available now in hardcover - ebook - and audiobook everywhere books are sold!
00:36:00 1/29/2019

When three women go missing in Woonsocket, Rhode Island - investigators follow a trail that leads them to the state landfill in search of human remains.

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00:38:00 1/22/2019

A young boy is the sole survivor when his family is massacred in their Minnesota home. Two decades later - he helps cold case detectives catch the serial killer responsible.

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00:44:00 1/15/2019

On the south side of St. Louis, a series of sexual assaults appears to follow the exact same pattern - leading police to dub the perpetrator, "The South Side Rapist." The last step in his modus operandi...was to disappear completely.

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00:42:00 11/27/2018
Cold Case Files is taking this week off while our investigators gather new evidence. We'll be back next week with set of leads, and maybe even a confession or two.
00:00:30 11/20/2018

When a toddler dies under the care of a babysitter, everyone assumes it was the result of a tragic accident. That is until eight years later, when a second child dies in the care of the same babysitter.

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00:33:00 11/13/2018

A woman's life is shattered when her house is broken into, she's assaulted, her husband is murdered, and her home is set aflame. To make matters worse, police consider her a suspect in her own attack and her husband's death. Years later, Lynn Lopez seeks to clear her name, and get justice for her husband.

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00:31:00 11/6/2018

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