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Smart Drugs, Nootropics, Microdosing With Psychedelics, Enhancing Deep Sleep, Rites Of Passage & Much More With Kyle Kingsbury Of Onnit.

Recently, I had the chance to sit down at Onnit, with my friend and the host of the Human Optimization Hour podcast: Kyle Kingsbury. During our discussion, we delve into a host of topics that including the latest and greatest on smart drugs, nootropics, and psychedelic micro-dosing, deep sleep enhancement, rites of passage and much more! In my conversation with Kyle, you'll discover: -What Ben does to optimize his sleep...6:42 Sleep on Chili Pad (55 degrees) at home (use code: BEN25 for a discount) Take cold shower while on the road Heal body while sleeping JOOVV light (20 minutes tops) (use code: BEN for a free gift at checkout) Methylene blue VieLight (use code: GREENFIELD for 10% off) PEMF chair NanoVi  Weighted blankets Body balance mat (PEMF) IntelliBed Mind Fold Mask Sleep Stream Pzizz Sleep app Side sleeping earbuds  To sum up: temperature, light, sound (and keep the laptop away from the bed) Red Light iPhone (removes blue light from the phone) "A good night of sleep begins when you wake up" Wait to cue your body until the time you want to wake up (when traveling) Light, movement, food Reset circadian rhythm Supplementation: Careful with coffee after 4 pm Nicotine gum CBD Oil, microdose of melatonin -Optimizing psychedelics for performance...24:37 Ketamine (recalling previous traumatic experiences) Intranasal ketamine Ben's wife had difficulty with learning Ben can recall his childhood in vivid detail; connects with his boys Microdose psilocybin Ben doesn't like to lose control of his cognitive function Use during nature experiences: hiking, hunting, etc. Lysergi (LSD) Amplifies dopamine levels (beware of overdosing) If legality is an issue: Racetam Anaracetam Oxyracetam Caffeine/nicotine stack Huperzine/acetylcholine (good for vagal nerve function) -Ben's thoughts on the efficacy of Restore for healing leaky gut...37:00 Seals leaky gut based on its interaction with the zonulin protein Mitigates issues brought on by glyphosate exposure Ben and his family use it regularly -Ben's preferred sources for colostrum...40:20 Nigerian dwarf goats on the Greenfield property Mt. Capra Colostrum Goat milk is better than cow milk when it comes to colostrum Podcast: BGF interview with Niraj Naik, The Renegade Pharmacist -Rites of passage and thoughts on how we're raising our boys in modern American culture...44:00 Women have a clear line of demarcation into womanhood (getting their period) Podcast: BGF interview with Tim Corcoran of Vision Quest Northwest Survival School located in Spokane, WA -And much more... Resources mentioned in the episode: -Spartan World Championships VIP Sep. 26-29 in North Lake Tahoe, CA -Chili Pad -JOOVV light -VieLight -PEMF chair -Weighted blankets -Body balance mat -Mind Fold Mask -Sleep Stream -Pzizz Sleep app -Side sleeping earbuds -Restore -Mt. Capra Colostrum -Podcast: BGF interview with Niraj Naik, The Renegade Pharmacist -Podcast: BGF interview with Tim Corcoran of Vision Quest -Northwest Survival School located in Spokane, WA Episode sponsors: -Kion: My personal playground for new supplement formulations. Ben Greenfield Fitness listeners receive a 10% discount off your entire order when you use discount code: BGF10. -Organifi Red Juice: Enjoy all the benefits of the 11 superfoods and their micronutrients that help increase resting metabolism, support cardiovascular health, and remove toxins to turn back the hands of time! Receive a 20% discount on your entire order when you use discount code: BENG20. -Thrive Market: Organic brands you love, for less. Your favorite organic food and products. Fast and free shipping to your doorstep. Receive 25% off your order when you use my link! -FitVine Wine: Don't let the word "less" fool you. FitVine wines offer rich flavor profiles and the alcohol content (13.4 - 13.9% alcohol) you'd expect from a fine wine. Use discount code: GREENFIELD10 for 10% off your order. Got a question for Kyle Kingsbury or me about anything we talked about in today's episode? Leave a comment below, and one of us will reply!  

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