The Perez Hilton Podcast with Chris Booker

Kylie is working her way towards billionaire status, but is she really "self made?" Tori Spelling looks to be taking desperation to a whole new level. Justin Bieber has had a falling out with his church, but is that a bad thing? And, Taylor took one for mankind and we're all better for it. ??? Follow us on social: @PerezPodcast via Knit

The Perez Hilton Podcast with Chris Booker
00:53:39 7/17/2018

Past Episodes

Most of the artists that have collaborated with R Kelly have removed their music from streaming services, however there is one glaring hold out. Kanye is not performing at Coachella and you'll never guess why? Mario Lopez is shaking up the entertainment news world. Booker picks his Bachelor front runners after week one.
00:59:30 1/15/2019
Pete Davidson may have found himself a new partner while Ariana might be revisiting one from her past. Kendall's big announcement leaves her with egg on her face. And, there is something slightly different about Madonna.
00:52:06 1/8/2019
Ariana is starting off the New Year on the wrong foot, plus a Pete update. Tiffany Haddish has set off the internet with her latest comedic attempt. Are Zayn and Gigi done, and is it for the best? Thanks to our sponsors: BetOnline= Sign up today for a free account on BetOnline.AG and use the promocode "PodcastOne" to receive a 50% SIGN UP bonus, yes a 50% sign up bonus. TrueCar= When you're ready to experience a better way to sell or trade-in your car, check out TrueCar today.
00:05:47 1/2/2019
Perez and Booker answer listener questions and calls. Booker finally shares a few personal stories too. Secrets are told. Happy Holidays from the PHP!
00:52:44 12/25/2018
Will 2018 be the last year of Kardashian relevance? Kanye is on one again. Ariana drops another new song. Can Nicki Minaj sink any lower? Kathie Lee says goodbye to NBC.
00:54:57 12/18/2018
Kevin Hart is available Oscar night. Gwyneth Paltrow has upped her unlikable game. We're feeling it for Sarah Hyland. Nicki Minaj must be really desperate for some attention with her latest relationship.
00:49:32 12/11/2018
Perez meets Dua Lipa and shares their conversation. Cardi isn't above the law but is acting like it. Ariana continues her tattoo cover-up tour. And poor Lindsay, she still just doesn't get it.
01:02:32 12/5/2018
Kim K is still a headline hunter. Is Kelly Clarkson already getting special treatment from NBC? Kitt Harrington is newly married and seemingly newly in trouble. John Mayer is sliding in to a new celebrity DM. And, who is the hottest Bachelorette ever?
00:55:56 11/27/2018
Demi is out of rehab and has already fallen back into some unfortunate habits. There's a new Bieber family cheating scandal. Perez is joining the "Arinators." And, we've got our first broke Kardashian.
00:59:42 11/20/2018
We recap what was a tough week for California. There is a new pop star accusing Kanye of theft. Ariana is the hottest musician on the planet, but is she still being a little hypocritical? Perez's sister speaks out about his comments about her wedding.
59:42:00 11/13/2018

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