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Actors Seamus and Juliana Dever (CASTLE, DC's TITANS) join Zane this week to talk about travel blogs ( wine and even speak a little Russian. Also, Zane and friends revel in some epic tales of drinking lore! Get a year subscription to DrinkTV for $19.99 with code ZANE at Watch DrinkTV on AppleTV, Roku and at at Start scoring amazing deals at incredible hotels with Hotel Tonight! Download the app or go to today!

Zane's World
01:29:00 3/27/2019

Past Episodes

Brian Volk-Weiss, big-time Hollywood producer (THE TOYS THAT MADE US, Comedy Dynamics) geeks out with Zane as they go down the rabbit hole talking about Star Trek, Kevin Smith and the "Star Wars for women," DIRTY DANCING!
01:23:00 8/15/2019
Actor Chris Lowell (GLOW, PRIVATE PRACTICE) shares his unique way of vacationing as he and Zane chat about his awkward GLOW audition, keeping old-school film photography alive, and his upcoming trip to Chernobyl! Also, Steve drops by with his take on social media. Check out the new season of GLOW available on Netflix THIS Friday 8/9.
01:10:00 8/8/2019
Model maker and host of MYTHBUSTERS Tory Belleci pops by to tell Zane how a book rental from the library lead him down the path to a dream job at Industrial Light & Magic just in time for the STAR WARS prequels before destroying stuff on the Discovery Channel for a living.
01:20:00 8/1/2019
Comedian and good friend Brian Unger (ITS ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, THE DAILY SHOW) meets up Zane to chat about co-hosting SHOWDOWN OF THE UNBEATABLES with Zane, the proliferation of cable show reboots, and the pros and cons of living in Los Angeles. Also, Zane and Mel are back from New Orleans and still hung over from TALES OF THE COCKTAIL.
01:24:00 7/24/2019
Lots of summer travel and life are happening right now so Zane's bringing you a classic episode this week with actor Glenn Howerton from IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA! Hear about how Glenn subverted the typical Hollywood process by creating his OWN content that got people talking as well how Danny DeVito fit right in with the Gang. Also, Zane and Dan Dunn challenge Glenn on his Philadelphia knowledge!
00:49:00 7/18/2019
Zane & Mel share their favorite (and unbelievable) Steve stories. They reminisce about their recent trip to Austin and Zane rants about how the world needs more goddamn trees!
00:51:00 7/10/2019
Erica takes the hot seat and answers riveting questions from Mel and Zane and we learn about Zane's traveling strikes. Meanwhile, you may be surprised to hear how Steve fares in Zane's $5,120 challenge. Send an email to about about your shopping experience with TrueCar and you might just receive a $20 Amazon gift card.
00:45:00 7/2/2019
Former Facebook executive Paul Ollinger joins Zane this week to talk about leaving a lucrative position at Facebook to become an author and stand-up comedian. Zane and Paul chop it up about old stand-up bits and the real estate market. Also, Zane and Mel are back from their Denver trip share some tales about the Mile High Club!
01:09:00 6/26/2019
Zane, Erica and Mel are about to hit the road so this week, we get to learn about Mel, her favorite fruit, foster cats, Twin Taco Tuesdays and her connection to Journey lead singer Steve Perry.
00:46:00 6/19/2019

It's a case nightmares are made of. We've got your sneak peek into the new true-crime series, 22 Hours: An American Nightmare. It's the frightening story of a D.C. power couple, their 10-year-old son, and housekeeper who were held hostage, tortured, and brutally murdered inside their burning D.C. mansion. You won't believe what happened during those last 22 hours alive, and the shocking trail of evidence that led police to the killer! Did he have help? Hear from key witnesses who reveal never-before heard details. Will this investigation lead to the release of newly-discovered and confidential audio recordings so the public can hear the trial for the first time ever? Listen to the first episode now:

New episodes will be available every Monday on and Apple Podcasts. 

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00:11:00 6/13/2019

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