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Scott Rizzuto (The Rizzuto Show), John Harbaugh Is Graphic Tee Guy, and Death To Robocalls

Scott Rizzuto (host of The Rizzuto Show on 105.7 The Point - WPNT) joins Austin to talk about St. Louis pizza, the food scene in St. Louis, why people always wish Rizz a "happy birthday," how gardening soothes him, learning to play the guitar, his first internship with MTV News in New York City, working at KROQ in New York, how he "borrowed" the KROQ van to drive himself to his first job on the radio on the Jersey Shore, how his future father-in-law threatened his life with a car-crusher at a junk yard, the games and bits they used to do on the radio that would NEVER fly in this day and age, what goes into every single show, the 4 best interviews he's conducted in his career, and how do we feel about the new XFL team, the St. Louis Battlehawks (interview starts at 3:55). Also, Austin gives his take on Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh and the fact that he is apparently graphic tee guy. He tries to motivate his team by making and wearing t-shirts with sayings on them around the facility (1:00:54). Plus, Austin keeps getting inundated with robocalls, and he wants them to stop. Now. Please? (1:14:38) And finally, The Show can't end without some Shout-Outs... with this week's going to Hugh Freeze, hurricane guy, trademarks, Ski-Free, and more (1:24:13).

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