Mind Full

Alisha and Colleen talk to Liv Lane about her personal journey through PTSD following the birth of her firstborn. Liv talks sets straight some misconceptions about PTSD, and discusses how she began putting the pieces back together after learning that she was suffering from this misunderstood disorder.


Past Episodes

Alisha and Colleen talk to musician Luke Spehar about how music helps to deal with the pain of life.
Alisha and Colleen kick of Season FOUR of the Mind Full Podcast with a talk with Olympian Carrie Tollefsen about her journey with running.
Alisha and Colleen talk to Jude. A young man who nearly took his own life. He was helped by the experts at Prairie Care, and now joins Alisha and Colleen to share his personal and very inspirational story. You don't want to miss this amazing conversation with this amazing young man.
Alisha and Colleen talk to Todd Archbold from Prairie Care about the strides that Prairie Care has made locally in the treatment of mental illness. Alisha also shares the story of an ambitious trip gone awry.
Alisha and Colleen talk to Dave Berg, a friend of Alisha's who though once quite active, suffered a stroke, and he talks to Alisha and Colleen about his struggle to get back to his new normal following this traumatic brain event.
Alisha and Colleen talk to Charlie Engle, author of the book Running Man about his struggle with addiction and learning that running is essential to his sobriety.
Alisha and Colleen talk to each other about WHATEVER WE WANT! Seriously, you probably want to check this one out, because this is Alisha and Colleen in their true, messy habitat!
Alisha and Colleen talk to Ben Utecht about life after multiple concussions. How he copes with a brain injury, and his new book, "Counting the Days While My Mind Slips Away."
Alisha and Colleen talk to Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern about his journey to and through recovery.
Alisha and Colleen spend this episode talking about running, and life, and life and running, and then they answer YOUR questions!

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