Strictly Stalking

S2 / E52 My Sister's Story: Debbie Riddle

Debbie Riddle is an Anti-Stalking Advocate whose sister Peggy Klinke was stalked and murdered by her ex-boyfriend. After Peggy's death, Debbie refused to remain silent about the extreme failures in our criminal justice system and set out on a mission to get the system fixed and began telling Peggy's story to anyone that would listen. She caught the attention of Tracy Bahm, the Director of the Stalking Resource Center and they took Peggy's story to Washington D.C. where they testified at a congressional briefing and declared January, "National Stalking Awareness Month" in honor of Peggy.  Debbie has spoken throughout the US, at law enforcement trainings, advocate trainings and college campuses and has worked with then Senator Joe Biden, Advocate Erin Brockovich, and Lifetime Television to continue to spread awareness about the dangers of stalking. Also joining us is Dana Fleitman, the Associate Advisor at the Stalking Prevention, Awareness,& Resource Center (known as SPARC) a project of AEquitas funded by the DOJ Office on Violence Against Women. Check Out Our Patreon: Instagram: Strictly Stalking - @strictlystalkingpod Jaimie Beebe - @feathergirl77 Jake Deptula - @jaked3000 Please consider supporting the companies that support us!  Feals has me feeling my best every day and it can help you too. Become a member today by going to and you'll get 50% off your first order with free shipping. Join today! Stop using razors that underdeliver and switch to Athena Club! Sign up today and you'll get 20% off your first order. Just go to and use promo code Stalking. See for privacy information.

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