Big Shot Bob Pod with Robert Horry

Robert Horry won't judge Scottie Pippen, talks about the accusations about Phil Jackson, talks Conference Finals and chats it up with Dale Earnhardt Jr on the Big Shot Bob Pod

We open the show with the drama surrounding Scottie Pippen this week, and Robert Horry says he's not going to judge Scottie because he knows the pain of losing a child, and he's fearful that Scottie's in pain right now. He does address the accusation that Phil Jackson was a racist, and says while he never saw that from Phil, he did have to correct his language a few times around the team so it wasn't perceived that way. We also touch on how Rob feels about his career, has he received the respect he feels he's owed, what it was like playing in the NBA Finals during the OJ chase (as we look back on the anniversary), and break down the latest from the Eastern and Western Conference Finals. We also get to talk to Dale Earnhardt Jr, who is kicking off his second season of "Lost Speedways" on Peacock, and we discuss growing up in the shadow of his father, what he misses about being out on the race track, and the kind of father he hopes to be to his little girls. Plus Rob's thoughts on Jason Kidd and Chauncey Billups as the NBA's newest head coaches, Jayson Tatum's $33 million dollar snub, the woman who killed the Tour de France, and an inspiring Big Shot of the Week!

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