Big Shot Bob Pod with Robert Horry

Robert Horry wants Giannis fined or suspended for his actions in Philly, talks about returning to a hostile environment and talks up Anthony Davis on the Big Shot Bob Pod

Robert Horry and the crew open the show by joking about the wild weekend from College Football, and B-Dog's Thanksgiving adventure at the beach! We also dive into Ben Simmons' return to Philadelphia and how he'll be received by that crowd, and Rob relates by reminiscing about his hostile returns to Phoenix in his playing days. Plus was Kevin Durant back-pedaling, or was he really trying to protect his teammates? And of course Robert Horry has a lot to say about the Austin Reaves breakout game in LA, and how a healthy Anthony Davis makes such a huge difference for the Lakers because of how good he is. And wait until you hear Rob emphatically call for Giannis to be FINED or SUSPENDED for his actions after the game in Philly the other night! Plus more trade rumors surrounding the Lakers and the Hawks, hilarious audio from the Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan heckler, a huge Big Shot of the Week and a fun round of Rapid Fire!

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