Big Shot Bob Pod with Robert Horry

Robert Horry thinks the Clippers will finish first in the West, the Celtics will not return to the Eastern Conference Finals and more predictions on the Big Shot Bob NBA Preview

Jenners is out on the high seas with his family this week, and Robert Horry says he's never been on a cruise in his entire life. We also talk about how vacations like this are a good chance to disconnect from the world even though that's really hard for us to do. We also talk about this year's fantasy football teams and the ridiculous bets that are made within our leagues. Robert Horry also breaks down some of the biggest 2022-23 NBA season predictions - including the Clipper finishing #1 in the West, Anthony Davis playing at least 60 games this year, and how no one feels like the Celtics will find a way back to the Eastern Conference Finals. Plus, will Zion, BI and CJ lead New Orleans on a playoff run? Why won't the Heat return to the Conference Finals? And will Phoenix really fall off in the West? We cover a LOT in our 2022-23 NBA Preview - and we round out the show with a round of Black Crime or White Crime.

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