Big Shot Bob Pod with Robert Horry

Robert Horry talks preseason, players defrauding the NBA health and welfare fund, the future for unvaccinated players and the Urban Meyer saga on the Big Shot Bob Pod

Robert Horry and the crew jump into NBA preseason and the debate about whether the stars should get playing time in preseason games. Then we find out live about the breaking news that 18 players are being charged with defrauding the NBA health and welfare fund, and Rob jokes that he's checking to see if he's on the list, as the fund owes him a very large amount of money. And the negative media spin on the Andrew Wiggins vaccine story gets us into a discussion about the future of players like Kyrie Irving if he refuses to get the vaccine. Plus the trash can gator trapper from last week's show is taking shots at Ben Simmons which somehow leads to stories about people invading our homes! Of course there are lots of laughs around the Urban Meyer story as it gets wilder and wilder, Rob goes OFF on teams that continue to hire him, and there's a debate about whether or not USC would hire Urban if he got fired from the Jags. We close out with hilarious Powerball audio, we give out the Big Shot of the Week and we play a classic game of Walmart or Waffle House!

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