Big Shot Bob Pod with Robert Horry

Robert Horry talks about LeBron's legacy, how Brooklyn won the Kyrie trade and how both Luca Doncic and Kyrie Irving will hog the ball in Dallas on the Big Shot Bob Pod

Robert opens the show by talking about the scene last night in Los Angeles, and with the Lakers broadcast crew as LeBron James broke the all-time scoring record. We also discuss the odd scene surrounding Anthony Davis, who seemed uninterested in LeBron breaking the scoring record, and LeBron's mental state after Kyrie was traded to the Mavericks instead of the Lakers. On Kyrie, Rob also breaks down how Kyrie and Luca can coexist in Dallas, and Rob says they are going to have a hard time because they both need the ball to dominate. We also jump into the wild incident between Dillon Brooks and Donovan Mitchell and the hilarious audio that followed. Plus we touch on the White Men Can't Jump reboot, the 22-year-old coach who posed as a 13-year-old player in a JV high school basketball game, Super Bowl picks and an inspiring Big Shot of the Week. And we round out the show with another great round of Rapid Fire!

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