Big Shot Bob Pod with Robert Horry

Robert Horry reacts to Bill Walton's praise on ESPN, explains the Celtics success and has questions for the Lakers on the Big Shot Bob Pod

Robert Horry opens the show this week by talking about the Lakers losing a 17-point 4th quarter lead and losing to Indiana, and how the Lakers did not learn to give the ball to Anthony Davis when he's been their hottest shooter on the floor. Rob also talks about how good the Boston Celtics have been offensively because they've been moving the ball and sharing shots between their best guys. We also touch on the success of Joel Embiid recently in Philly, and Kyle Kuzma and Kristaps Porzingas putting it together in Washington. And Rob reacts to Bill Walton calling for him to be inducted into the Hall of Fame on ESPN this past weekend, and how he's almost speechless when guys of that stature offer up praise and respect. Plus a wild weekend in College Football spurs a ton of fun debate, another inspiring Big Shot of the Week, and some great questions that spawned from this week's biggest news stories in a round of Jump Ball.

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