Big Shot Bob Pod with Robert Horry

Robert Horry has advice for Julius Randle, high hopes for Ja Morant, thinks Ben Simmons is coming to Atlanta and plays Black Crime or White Crime on the Big Shot Bob Pod

Robert Horry has to reluctantly offer congratulations to the Georgia Bulldogs after they took down his Alabama Crimson Tide in the National Championship Game, and is floored by the number of Alabama players that entered the transfer portal after the loss. Plus we dive into the Julius Randle controversy in New York, and Rob says that guys who play in NY need to have much thicker skin because the media is always gunning to get under their skin. We also get Rob's take on the electric play of Ja Morant - who he compares to Derrick Rose - and Rob is a firm believer that Ben Simmons could be on the move to Atlanta to join the Hawks if the deal is right. The audio of the week comes from Kristina Pink on the Clippers broadcast, we hand out a heroic Big Shot of the Week, and play a hilarious round of Black Crime or White Crime.

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