Big Shot Bob Pod with Robert Horry

Robert Horry breaks down the Lakers playoffs, the Hawks knocking out the Knicks, and the recent fan incidents around the NBA on the Big Shot Bob Pod

Big Shot Bob gets right into the NBA Playoffs, with his thoughts about the Lakers on the ropes, , the Clippers on the ropes, and the Hawks-Knicks series that captivated the country. Plus Rob's "good friend" Danny Ainge retiring, and how that resulted in Brad Stevens somehow getting promoted after his Celtics got bounced from the NBA Playoffs. We also do a segment called the NBA Thunderdome, where we dial in on each of the wild instances with fans going after the players over the last week and how, as a player, Rob took each conflict. Plus we talk about Coach K retiring and the legacy of Duke, the wild new Sky Pool in London, an NHL announcer marks the return of "That's Unfortunate" and a truly inspiring Big Shot of the Week!

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