Big Shot Bob Pod with Robert Horry

Robert Horry and the crew go big with NBA playoffs, from the Lakers exit to Jaime's Clippers, plus amazing audio from college baseball and Kevin Harlan on the Big Shot Bob Pod

It's a huge NBA Playoffs roundtable - with Robert Horry, Jaime Maggio, Brandon Harper and Jenners - going into all the big stories from the week and of course finding ways to pick on Rob after the Lakers elimination. The Lakers conversation kicks things off, with Rob saying they need to find ways to take the pressure off LeBron James and maintain the health of Anthony Davis. And since Jaime Maggio is with us, and she works for the Clippers broadcast, we talk about LA going to the ropes with Dallas and how they often just need to get out of their own way. Plus the conversation about the Suns leads to a debate about Coach of the Year, a debate about Jokic winning the MVP, and Rob jokes that he doesn't want the Nets to win and is low-key rooting for the Clippers. And of course Jenners brings the wild audio of the week, from a University of Virginia pitcher, a hilariously unfortunate segue from Kevin Harlan and TJ Olsen receives the Big Shot of the Week!

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