The Steve Austin Show

Robert Gibson of the Rock and Roll Express - SAS CLASSIC

Oh hell yeah! The Rock 'n' Roll Express are going into the WWE Hall of Fame! It's about dang time! And Robert Gibson is not only talking about how that feels, he's also sharing stories from the 40 years in the ring that it took em to get there! Hear how he got teamed up with Ricky Morton, where the name and look came from, what it was like working for Bill Watts, Jim Crockett, and Jerry Lawler, and how he got Jim Cornette to stop shoot-swinging that tennis racquet at him! Robert also remembers their feud with The Midnight Express, working matches with Ole & Arn Anderson, being fired from WCW, and the one night that 3,000 fans that basically wrecked his brand new, black trans-am.

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