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Revisiting Critical Race Theory in our Schools - With Guests Amy Gonzalez & Andrea Gross

On this episode of Blunt Force Truth, Mark sits down again, with Amy Gonzalez & Andrea Gross to discuss the situation at Columbus Academy. 


Today's show rundown: 

Stanford study has proven that facemasks are ineffective to prevent COVID-19 

Posted on the NCBI / NIH / Medical Doctors Masks can cause all sorts of problems 

Google not publishing this story / anyone posting a link to this story - a link to the national institute of health is getting their social media account suspended 

McGovern era - the parties switched positions 

Progressive party is actually the REGRESSIVE party 

Mark recaps the Columbus Academy podcast episode 

Amy and Andrea give a brief "up to speed" about what is happening at their school 

The teachers and kids at this school feel like if they speak up, they will be targeted 

Mark has to explain Free Speech 

It's all talk, diversity of opinions is NOT welcome at Columbus Academy 

Amy and Andrea are just trying to shine the light on what is WRONG here 

Critical Race theory being re-named "anti-biased education" 

The Board here is not voted on. It's all the board voting for the board  

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