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Randy Karraker (101 ESPN), Wayne Newton's Monkey Trouble, Explain The #Trend, and A Recap of The Hills

Randy Karraker (host of The Fast Lane on 101 ESPN) joins Austin to talk about how he has Jack Buck to thank for his career, his first job in St. Louis, the hilarious story of how he got his job as a field usher at Busch Stadium, the legend of Fat Randy, what's his favorite fun fact about St. Louis, what it meant to him to see the Blues finally win the Stanley Cup, and Austin challenges him to a St. Louis-style 4 O'Clock Fight (interview starts at 3:39). Plus, Austin has a take on the story about Wayne Newton getting sued because his pet monkey bit a visitor who was touring his famed mansion. Yes, it's as ridiculous as it sounds (44:19). Also, Austin's wife Meredith joins for another edition of Explain The #Trend, where Austin tries to explain the Antonio Brown drama to Meredith, and she tries to explain the Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy to him (51:02). And Josh Holleman (J.T. from 92.3 New Country in St. Louis) joins Austin to recap this season of The Hills: New Beginnings. What's the deal with Crest White Strips, amirite?! And is Mischa Barton the show's mom? Also... is this a pro-PrattDaddy Crystals podcast? (1:07:35) And of course, Austin finishes off with some Shout-Outs, with some going to the Little League World Series, Britney Spears, THE Ohio State, LeBron James' basketball double, Tyler C. again, HBO's Succession, Fernando Tatis Jr. and more (1:44:29).

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