The Jay Jay French Connection: Beyond the Music

Raized Wrong

This week's guest is 3-in-1 - Guitarist and producer Donny Goldberg, & his 2 sons, join Jay Jay in conversation! Together the 3 of them make up the instagram sensation Raized Wrong. Landon is 13 & his brother Lyric is 12 - together with their father they create online covers of hits from the 80's 90's & more. 

Hear the story about how Jay Jay found their music online, & why he immediately fell in love with what they were doing. The family discusses their creative process, generational influences, & what it's like playing and recording together as a family. Donny discusses why he finds it so important to encourage kids to get into art & music at a young age, & how he has encouraged both of his kids to do so since day one. 

Be sure to check out Raized Wrong's project online, & don't miss this conversation, only on The Jay Jay French Connection: Beyond the Music! 

Edited & Produced by Matthew Mallinger  

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