Raised by Wolves

*Danny and Dane discuss Karl-Anthony Towns being left off the All-NBA Team *What does it mean financially for the Wolves? *Is the system broken? Should media be able to decide? *Odds that Tyus Jones is back with the Wolves in 2019-20?

Raised by Wolves
00:00:00 5/22/2019

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Danny Cunningham and Manny Hill take a look at Sports Illustrated's rankings of the top 100 players in the NBA. - Andrew Wiggins comes in at 100: Is that fair? - Karl-Anthony Towns is ranked 13th, but should he be a little higher? - Could KAT rise into the top 5 as he ascends into his prime over the next couple of years?
00:00:00 9/16/2019
Gersson Rosas has indicated that the Wolves may continue to swing for a big star acquisition in the future, much like they tried with D'Angelo Russell. So, Danny Cunningham and Dane Moore talk hypotheticals. Who could be the next D'Lo type player the Wolves could pursue? How could the Wolves get it done?
00:00:00 9/11/2019
With training camp fast approaching, Danny Cunningham and Manny Hill preview 3 players on the Wolves' roster: Tyrone Wallace, Naz Reid and Jaylen Nowell. Does Wallace have a chance to make the team? What kind of early contributions can Reid make? Will Nowell's good shooting numbers translate to the NBA?
00:00:00 9/9/2019
*What are some of the best case scenarios for the Wolves in 2019-20? Danny Cunningham and Manny Hill lay them out. *Can Karl-Anthony Towns take his game to another level? *How can the Wolves make the best of the point guard situation with Jeff Teague? *Can Jarrett Culver create any opportunities for himself to contribute as a rookie? *How much of an improvement can be made if Robert Covington is healthy for a full season? *Where can the Wolves get the most out of Andrew Wiggins?>
00:00:00 9/2/2019
Lynx and Wolves rookie forwards Napheesa Collier and Jarrett Culver join Matthew Coller and Myron Medcalf at the State Fair to discuss how to handle a rookie season in the pro's and playing for their organizations.
00:00:00 8/22/2019
On August 23, 2014 the Minnesota Timberwolves traded Kevin Love for Andrew Wiggins in a move that helped shaped the future of not only the Wolves, but also the future of the NBA landscape in Cleveland and elsewhere as well.
00:00:00 8/22/2019
Who do this year's NBA rookies believe will be the ROY and best defender among their fellow first year players? Danny and Manny examine the NBA's Rookie Survey. How much love does Jarrett Culver get among his peers? Danny and Manny also take a look at past surveys and how a former top 5 pick by the Wolves got a ton of love from his fellow rookies.
00:00:00 8/18/2019
Danny Cunningham and Dane Moore dive more into the Timberwolves 2019-20 schedule, and where they fit into the Western Conference. *How will Karl-Anthony Towns be matched up against some of the bigger teams around the league? *Is Robert Covington's return to the lineup being overlooked? *Danny: "You need to do the very most you can do to get Wiggins' value up for next summer" *Dane on Wiggins: "Stop asking him to get you $28 million a year, and say 'go get me $14'"
00:00:00 8/14/2019
The NBA has released its 2019-20 schedule, and Danny Cunningham and Manny Hill dive into the what the Wolves schedule looks like as a whole, some of the biggest matchups and when the toughest stretches of the season may come.
00:00:00 8/11/2019
Danny Cunningham and Manny Hill discuss the Wolves signing of their 2nd round pick Jaylen Nowell to a 4 year deal. How does the Washington guard fit in to the Wolves future plans? Could Wiggins or Culver play some point guard?
00:00:00 8/5/2019

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