Geffen Playhouse Unscripted

On the premiere episode of Geffen Playhouse Unscripted, host John Horn sits down with actor Rainn Wilson to discuss his theater education and career, his work at the Geffen, and embracing his natural persona as opposed to trying to be someone he isn't.

44:13 4/5/2017

Past Episodes

Actor Michael Harney joins John Horn to discuss his enjoyment of the acting process, breaking boundaries, speaking the truth of our experiences, and his work as a play write and a teacher.
34:57 6/21/2017
Actor Ron Cephas Jones joins John to talk about his work on Luke Cage and streaming platforms, the importance of a good director, not being able to imagine anything outside of acting, and what the future holds.
28:16 6/14/2017
Comedian Demetri Martin joins John Horn for a discussion about how he got started in stand up, what his previous life plan was, life's difficulties informing his present, the audience being part of his stand up presence, and the patience it takes to do stand up.
38:40 6/7/2017
Actor and Musician Keith Carradine talks about his acting career starting with Hair on Broadway, moving back to Hollywood, working with Robert Altman, how film, TV, and theater acting crossover, and how actors can stay sharp. Plus, how does Madame Secretary seem to translate to our current political climate?
35:22 5/31/2017
Actress Dana Delany and host John Horn talk about her first feature film role, taking jobs on want vs need, her work as a voice over actress, the dream of playing Lois Lane, finally tackling Tennessee Williams, and where shes headed.
26:19 5/24/2017
Actor Bryan Cranston discusses being attracted to Police work prior to acting, not falling for the same acting trap as his father, his first junior college acting class, and when his love affair with acting first struck him. Plus, how Breaking Bad was a catapult for him, storytelling as his true occupation, and how fear motivates him.
34:57 5/17/2017
Actor Max Minghella joins John Horn to discuss his work on the new series Handmaid's Tale, growing up with parents in the industry, the play that made him fall in love with acting, learning to humiliate yourself to be an actor, and the importance of choosing your parts.
32:23 5/10/2017
UCB co-founder and Veep actor Matt Walsh joins John Horn to recollect on bad auditions, getting his career started, good vs. bad acting classes, the difficulty of stand up, and working on Veep.
36:28 5/3/2017
Broadway and film star Josh Gad joins John Horn to talk about his time in Book of Mormon, the challenge of voice acting, learning from other actors, not allowing yourself to be forced into a type, and forgetting his lines.
38:24 4/26/2017
Host John Horn and playwright, screenwriter, and director Neil LaBute talks about his life on and off the stage in both his past and present.
40:39 4/19/2017

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