Ross Tucker Football Podcast

Ross goes in depth on the 4 WildCard games from this past weekend. Also, Dr. David Chao checks in with the "Medical Minute" injury report.

Ross Tucker Football Podcast
00:32:24 1/6/2019

Past Episodes

Andrew & Ross discuss potential NFL rule changes (PI, & OT) as a result of the Championship games, the 2019 International games, the importance of position coaches in the NFL, & more.
00:41:12 1/22/2019
Former NFL QB & current ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky is today's guest on the podcast talking about Goff, Mahomes, & his thoughts on Super Bowl LIII
00:35:39 1/21/2019
Ross goes in depth on the Rams win over the Saints game & the Patriots victory in Kansas City on today's podcast. Also, Dr. David Chao checks in with his "Medical Minute" NFL injury report.
00:28:51 1/20/2019
Ross previews the Rams @ Saints NFC Championship game & the Patriots @ Chiefs AFC Championship game on today's podcast.
00:26:55 1/17/2019
Greg & Ross look at the film from the Divisional Round games and then preview the AFC & NFC Championship games.
00:36:44 1/16/2019
Ross & Andrew discuss the paychecks for NFL postseason, Kyler Murray, & more on today's podcast.
00:38:34 1/15/2019
Ross looks back on the the 2018 NFL Power Rankings to discuss the season's biggest improvements, disappointments, & more.
00:25:39 1/14/2019
Ross looks back on the 4 Divisional Round games from this past weekend and offers his unique takeaways from each of them. Also, Dr. David Chao checks in with his 'Medical Minute' injury report.
00:28:40 1/13/2019
Ross makes his picks for the 4 Divisional Round playoff games on today's podcast.
00:29:08 1/10/2019
Greg & Ross preview the 4x Divisional Round NFL games on today's podcast.
00:34:16 1/9/2019

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