Ross Tucker Football Podcast

Andrew & Ross discuss the LeSean McCoy allegations, the anthem policy, supplemental draft, & more on today's podcast.

00:36:36 7/10/2018

Past Episodes

On today's podcast, Greg Cosell reviews last week's game film from Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, & Ryan Fitzpatrick.
00:33:52 9/19/2018
Ross & Andrew talk about Josh Gordon, Vontae Davis, Antonio Brown, NFL Kickers, & more.
00:40:12 9/18/2018
Ross unveils his Week 3 Power Rankings on today's podcast.
00:27:52 9/17/2018
Ross shares his takeaways from all of the Week 2 Sunday games on today's podcast.
00:33:16 9/17/2018
Ross make his Week 2 NFL picks on today's podcast.
00:28:30 9/13/2018
Ross & Greg review the tape from some of the key Week 1 games on today's podcast.
00:34:49 9/12/2018
Ross & Andrew talk about Le'Veon Bell, David Johnson, & Gruden vs Mack on today's podcast.
00:39:03 9/11/2018
On today's podcast, Ross unveils his Week 2 NFL Power Rankings.
00:23:14 9/10/2018
Ross recaps all of the Sunday NFL game in Week 1 on today's show.
00:31:52 9/10/2018
Ross reviews the Eagles 18-12 win over the Falcons and then makes his picks for all of the other Week 1 games on today's podcast.
00:27:24 9/6/2018

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