The Business of Sports with Andrew Brandt

Andrew talks with Whoop CEO, Will Ahmed about their deal with the NFLPA to monitor and sell player's data from Whoop's wearable health monitoring device.


Past Episodes

Andrew dives deep into the decision to extend & compensate Roger Goodell and the complicated relationship the NFL owners have to the Commissioner.
Andrew talks with super agent Tom Condon about negotiating Matthew Stafford's new contract and whether or not we will see fully guaranteed contracts in the NFL anytime soon.
Andrew talks with Draft Kings CEO Jason Robins about how Draft Kings got started, their 2015 advertising push, their failed merger talks with Fan Duel, legal issues/regulations with New York (and other states), and their Week 1 $1 Billion giveaway promotion.
Andrew talks about Matthew Stafford's new contract with the Lions to become the highest paid player in the NFL.
Andrew talks with @thenation 's sports editor Dave Sirin about the recent Colin Kaepernick rally in from of the NFL offices in NYC.
Andrew shares his thoughts on Roger Goodell's contract extension and the tension between the NFL and NFLPA.
Andrew shares his thoughts on the CTE study and what it means for the future of football. Also, he talks about Spike Lee's rally for Colin Kaepernick.
Chris Nowinski, the Co-Founder of the Concussion Legacy Foundation and Dr. Jesse Mez, Assistant Professor of Neurology at Boston University talk about their recent landmark study in the Journal of American Medical Association between CTE and football.
Former NFL CB & NFLPA President Domonique Foxworth talks with Andrew about his involvement with the NFLPA, why unions are generally better for management than players, and why he thinks De-Certification is needed.
Andrew compares the NBA to the NFL and answers the question, "Why doesn't the NFL have guaranteed contracts?"

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