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RFK Jr. & Cheryl Hines on Comedy and 2024 Presidential Election + Frank Grillo on Ayahuasca

Frank Grillo joins the show to chat about new movie Lights Out as well as his upcoming role in the DC Universe. The guys chat about diets, micro-dosing, and why they'll never try Ayahuasca. Frank also chats about mansion taxes and being judged by a barista at a Starbucks. Chris reports the news on Dana White walking out of Howie Mandel's podcast, Rachel Dolezal losing her school job due to her OnlyFans account, cheerleaders at a Michigan school asked to wear pants under their uniforms, and a migrant teen arrested for robbing a Macy's after being released for the Times Square attack on the NYPD. Lastly, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cheryl Hines join the show to chat about their upcoming comedy event, Night of Laughter, in which Adam is performing. They also talk about Curb Your Enthusiasm's final season and the importance of comedy. Robert also addresses issues on American housing, the media's criticism of Joe Biden, and why he thinks he was denied Secret Service protection. For more with Frank Grillo: * Lights Out is now in Theaters, on Demand and Digital For more with RFK Jr. and Cheryl Hines: * LIVE SHOW: "NIGHT OF LAUGHTER" ? This Weds, Feb 21 at Downtown LA's GRAND CENTRAL MARKET's MILLION DOLLAR THEATER ? Rob Schneider, Tim Dillon and Bobby Lee also on the lineup * for tickets Thank you for supporting our sponsors: * The Jordan Harbinger Show - Available everywhere you listen to podcasts * * & use promo code ADAM

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