On the Sidelines

With the NFL draft now behind us, we thought it would be cool to have a pro football analyst join us on the show! Michael Renner evaluates the performance of NFL players as well as project their future performance. On this episode he shares how players handle their poor ratings (we'll give you a hint: they don't handle it well), he also talks about what it's like working for Cris Collinsworth, the stresses of draft week and what it was like to be a contestant on the show The Bachelorette. YUP! Michael was on Season 14 with Becca Kufrin.

On the Sidelines
00:13:16 5/2/2019

Past Episodes

We were "Courtside" this week with some of the guys from Northern Kentucky's Pro Basketball team, the Kentucky Enforcers! These guys work hard, on and off the court. Each player is personally involved in the community, volunteering and donating his time to charities all over town. Cam will chat about life with five younger siblings and his family's love for basketball, Nate and Rob will talk about the importance of "Tough Love" on the court... We will also find out what the heck Cam is drinking in his 1/2-gallon jug during our interview.
00:00:00 6/9/2019
Kevin McCloskey wears several hats in the soccer community. He works as a color analyst for FC Cincinnati and is the Executive Director of Kings Hammer Youth Soccer Program. On this episode we chat with Kevin about FC Cincinnati... How is the team doing? It's been a challenging few weeks for the guys. We'll also talk about upcoming Kings Hammer try-outs, how he spots young talent, his road trips with Lindsay and Tommy G and the importance of performance vs. result.
00:15:09 5/23/2019
Happy Mother's Day! On this episode we chat with the newest mom in the Cincinnati sports family, Sarah Taylor! Sarah is married to Zac Taylor, the new head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals. Sarah talks about life on and off the field, being a mom of four kids and how happy she is to be back in Cincinnati. Zac's mom, Julie, is also on the podcast. Both moms share how they felt when Zac scored his first NFL head coaching position.
00:20:52 5/9/2019
On this episode we chat with Micheal Anderson. He's been employed with the Reds for over a decade but a fan of the team his whole life. He'll share GABP secrets that you might not have known about, why Brandon Phillips was one of his favorite players to work with, details on Yasiel Puig's [very unique] bobble head and the time Johnny Bench insulted his outfit.
00:08:57 4/24/2019
We have a bonus podcast for you this week ahead of tonight's FC Cincinnati game! Cincinnati Native, Nick Hagglund, chats about his wife and growing up across the street from her at only six years old. He also talks about how important it was for him to eventually play professional soccer for his hometown of Cincinnati. Mathieu tells us about life in a new country and feeling like he's been in Cincinnati for three years as opposed to three months. He also talks about his overly tidy locker, a French restaurant in town he is dying to try and why Nick is the funniest person he knows.
00:11:15 4/18/2019
On this week's episode we chat with Drew McDonald about NKU's former basketball coach, John Brannen. What will he bring to UC's basketball program? What has he learned from Coach Brannen over the years? We will also discuss Drew's attempt at playing two different sports in college, the one pro athlete he is emotionally invested in, and his plan to raise awareness about good mental health and suicide prevention in our community.
00:09:56 4/17/2019
How has FC Cincinnati's move to MLS helped with recruiting in the soccer community? Why does Coach Riddle believe NKU is a college soccer gold mine? We will also discuss bucket list stadiums, their love/hate relationship with FIFA and whether or not Cristiano Ronaldo is the G.O.A.T..
00:11:36 4/10/2019
Kekuta and Fatai share secrets about each other that only their teammates would know | Fatai says he's up for a FIFA challenge against Bengal's former wide receiver, Chad Johnson | Kekuta explains his favorite saying, "Smile is free" | Fatai has a "fire" lemon cookie recipe that he and ONLY he knows how to make
00:13:12 3/28/2019
Forrest shares details on his homemade pasta sauce recipe and who he called first when he found out he made the team | Kendall talks about his love of Cincinnati's freezing temps, his favorite all-you-can-eat spot in town and the first thing that popped up when he googled Cincinnati
00:19:37 3/14/2019
Who is The Pride? Well, they're FC Cincinnati's largest support group for one thing! You can find them at every home game, in The Bailey, shouting, cheering and singing for 90 straight minutes. With over 600 members and counting, they are not slowing down anytime soon! Find out how to audition to become a "Bailey Drummer", learn about their thoughts on this upcoming MLS season and find out what they really think about those that wear body paint to games.
00:20:09 3/13/2019

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