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FreezePops is playing hurt, but is still well enough to celebrate the Pats defeating the Rams in the Super Bowl. Should people have Uber-like ratings on airplanes? Plus, 101 ESPN Radio Host Randy Karraker. What it's like to have Jack Buck, Bob Costas and Dan Dierdorf be your broadcasting mentors? When should St. Louis move past the Rams leaving? He answers those questions and revels a plot to break a curse.

Small Talk
01:19:57 2/7/2019

Past Episodes

Michelle, Ceruti and FreezePops give their "Cool, No One Cares Power Rankings: 4.0," and breakdown the most annoying habits of the summer. Plus, conversation of estate sales, deodorant choices and more.
01:06:54 7/18/2019
Michelle and Ceruti are back from Chicago with some observations about guy's drinking habits and boy bands .... Plus, Are people still getting iced? Is Forrest Gump a bad movie? The group discusses that and more
00:59:18 7/11/2019
TommyFreezePops and Ceruti are both back from vacation! TFP shares tales from the orgy in Brooklyn, and Ceruti gives us an update on "L.A. Ryen." Plus, the gang FINALLY does a "Big Little Lies" recap, and ponders whether or not water can "go bad."
01:12:37 7/2/2019
Michelle discusses what the St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Championship means to her city, plus Barstool Sports personality Young Pageviews joins the pod. How his chinchilla Boris turned into a viral sensation and ended up in a drunk Brett Hull's hands, his superstitions, and stories from partying with the team and The Cup.
01:18:50 6/26/2019
The St. Louis Blues are Stanley Cup Champions! Michelle and Ceruti celebrate and rub their victory in FeeezePops face. Plus, a history lesson on grinding and convo about the crew's first kisses
00:55:45 6/19/2019
Michelle, Ceruti and FreezePops discuss a range of topics, including ... ranking acceptable jerseys to wear, athletes you would get hurt protecting, and the most embarrassing thing Tom has ever admitted (and that's saying something) ... plus, a new edition of 10,000 Frogs.
01:04:51 6/12/2019
Michelle, Ceruti and FreezePops talk peak sports moments, robes, and A+ Content
01:03:13 6/5/2019
Michelle and FreezePops are fresh off out of town wedding weekends and have some stories ... FreezePops tries to convince Ceruti to cheer for the Bruins over the Blues, and Michelle isn't having it ... Plus, when did people become so liberal with their Juul usage?
01:00:33 5/30/2019
What was the best lunchbox snack? When was the first time you got in major trouble with your parents? Did you have a good fake ID? Michelle, Ceruti and FreezePops discuss. Plus, Small Talk's Game of Throne's Correspondent Tommy Rees joins the pod for the final time to breakdown the controversial series' finale.
01:13:43 5/21/2019
TommyFreezePops and Michelle are dealing with a gross work situation .... The return of 10,000 Frogs ... can Wheelchair Frog or Slap Frog dethrone Crack Frog? ... Plus, Small Talk's Game of Throne's Correspondent Tommy Rees joins the pod to discuss the carnage in the series' penultimate episode.
01:14:17 5/15/2019

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