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Does anybody even care about the VMA's anymore? A very short recap. Perez went on a date in Vegas, will there be a 2nd? Nicki Minaj is a bit of a crybaby. Brad and Angie are still going at it. Did Perez over hype his new website announcement? via Knit

00:46:21 8/21/2018

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Julie Chen's is sticking by her husband, so what does that mean for her tv career? Rihanna upstages a fashion icon, but was she in the wrong for doing so? Booker checks out Eagles and Perez doubts their relevance. And, is Paris Hilton shading Kim K?
00:47:44 9/18/2018
Nicki versus Cardi.. Is there a winner here? There is less Les in CBS, but what does it mean for Julie Chen? Kanye is a big baby and we will tell you why.
00:56:34 9/11/2018
Khloe K. criticizes Perez about one of his posts, but was it a good look for her? Louis C.K. is back, but is it too soon and does Kevin Spacey deserve a comeback? A Celebrity Big Brother UK contestant is under fire and one of the guys has her back.
00:52:05 9/6/2018
Ariana has the #1 album in the country, but is she a bit of a hypocrite lately? Cardi B clearly give zero F's. Nicki's career may be in big trouble. Is the Bling Ring back?
00:45:59 8/29/2018
Kanye is the worst uncle ever. The Brad and Angelina saga never seems to end. Nicki Minaj is on the backward slide of her career. Ariana is at war with her fans. Perez is milking a big announcement and Booker is certain that he already knows what it is. ??? Follow us on social: @PerezPodcast via Knit
00:47:32 8/14/2018
A Demi update. Kim K. claps back at a celebrity and it didn't go well. P!nk is under fire for taking a sick day. Beyonce has a fashion "miss." And, the winner of The Bachelorette is announced. via Knit
00:46:51 8/7/2018
The tragic overdose of Demi.. what we know and what we don't. Drake has a new underage friend. A new Kardashian spin-off is in the works, but will anyone care? Lindsay is still Lindsay ??? Thanks to our sponsor: Daily Harvest Go to and enter promo code PEREZ to get three cups FREE in your first box! ??? Follow us on social: @PerezPodcast via Knit
00:46:02 7/31/2018
This week, ONLY 2 stars are calling out Perez, and even Booker is excited about one of them. Can a power couple survive if one is stoner and the other isn't? Is there a Lindsay comeback in the works? Go to today to learn more and get $35 off your first order! ??? Thanks to our sponsor: Sun Basket ??? Follow us on social: @PerezPodcast via Knit
00:46:59 7/24/2018
Kylie is working her way towards billionaire status, but is she really "self made?" Tori Spelling looks to be taking desperation to a whole new level. Justin Bieber has had a falling out with his church, but is that a bad thing? And, Taylor took one for mankind and we're all better for it. ??? Follow us on social: @PerezPodcast via Knit
00:53:39 7/17/2018
The Biebs is getting hitched.. will it last? Are Ariana and Pete already cooling off? A major pop power couple has split. And, how is Kylie doing so far as a parent? ??? Thanks to our sponsor: Daily Harvest: Go to and enter promo code PEREZ to get three cups FREE in your first box! ??? Follow us on social: @PerezPodcast via Knit
00:45:06 7/10/2018

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