Adam Carolla Show

Part 2: Martin Dugard on Writing with Bill O'Reilly, plus The News (ACS Sept 8)

Martin Dugard is in studio next, who co-wrote the 'Killing' series of books with Bill O'Reilly. Adam asks Martin about the process of working with Bill on each new book, and they go on to discuss Martin's latest book about the fall of Paris to the Nazi's back in 1940, the parallels to today's woke culture, and the intricate network of spies that helped bring the Germans down. Later, Gina reads news stories about the death of actor Michael K. Williams, as well as our country's growing problem with Fentanyl. They also talk about getting people back to work, rapper Lil Uzi Vert saying that his multi-million-dollar forehead diamond was stolen, Kanye West's new line of home good products, and the death of comic Trevor Moore. As the show wraps up, Gina reads one last story about a guy who got busted trying to fake an injury from a Tesla. Please support today's sponsors: The Jordan Harbinger Show - World's Strongest Bond enter ADAM PlutoTV

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