Adam Carolla Show

Part 2: Jeff Dye returns, plus The News (ACS Oct 12)

Comedian Jeff Dye is in studio at the top of Part 2. The guys talk about the film, 'Coward of the County', Jeff's time hanging out with Gary Shandling, and how the coronavirus impacted comedy venues. Jeff also talks about his experience on Last Comic Standing many years ago, why he hates children comedians, and his family upbringing. Later they talk about the crazy experience of filming 'Catch A Contractor', and Gina reads a news story about intelligent people being the best class clowns. In the last part of the show, Gina reads more stories about gas powered leaf blowers being outlawed by 2024, CA requiring gender-neutral toy aisles, and delays on Shatner's space flight. Please support today's sponsors: Check Out The Jordan Harbinger Show enter ADAM

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